A Look At Travelling Tips You Need At Your Fingertips

Whenever you need to travel, there are certain things that you need to find out about your travelling plans, your destination, your accommodation and other important details. Below are some essential tips that will help you as you prepare to travel, as you are travelling and when you arrive at your destination.

Before travelling


  1. Give yourself time to get your visa. Do not start running up and down last minute; apply for your visa early enough.
  2. Read on the travel advice for your travel destination and get to know the kind of place you are travelling to early enough.
  3. Pack just what you need. Travelling with many bags just makes your travelling experience tiresome so travel light.
  4. Also, buy a travel insurance that will cover all the plans you have in your destination.
  5. Memorizing your passport number might be helpful just in case you lose it on your trip.
  6. Register at your local embassy so that they can be able to contact you just in case there is an emergency.
  7. Confirm with your doctor about any vaccinations that you may need to have before you travel to your destination to avoid health issues.
  8. Leave your contact information with a friend and remember to maintain contact.
  9. Keep all your important documents in your hand luggage to avoid losing them in case you lose your suitcase.

While Travelling


  1. Remove all the essentials that you will need during the flight to avoid standing up to remove something like your shawl from your bag during the flight.
  2. If you happen to be listening to music or watching a movies keep your volume low to avoid disturbing other passengers.
  3. Do not drink to many fluids that you have to keep going to the rest room.
  4. Do not be too chatty during the flight. Some people prefer to travel in silence. Make small talk for a while but do not extend too much.
  5. Keep yourself busy so that you do not find yourself peeping at your neighbors’ laptop or magazine.
  6. Be kind to the crew!

On Arrival


  1. Be alert for it is very easy to be robbed in a foreign country.
  2. It is wise to get a legitimate taxi even if it is a bit expensive as you are new in the place. It is better to be charged a lot the first time than to be mishandled and dropped off at the wrong place.
  3. If you decide to hire a car, confirm it is in good condition, make note of small scratches on the car, and let it be put on record to avoid being charged for something you did not do.
  4. Check into your hotel and give them all the contacts they can reach you on in case of anything.
  5. You can buy a “dummy” wallet to carry around such that your real wallet is safe from being stolen.

For the most seasoned travelers, I am sure you are familiar with these pointers but for the less experienced travelers, do remember to use this as a checklist!

Eden Spielberg is a veteran travel blogger and travel enthusiast. Browse the optimavillaslanzarote website www.optimavillaslanzarote.com to know more about his amazing trips to Australia and Spain.