A City Guide to Amsterdam

Most tourists who visit this fine Dutch city go for an Amsterdam stag (or “bachelor party” to any Americans out there!)  However this beautiful city is more than just a scantily clad woman and cheap beer. There’s art, culture and plenty of unique and interesting sights to see in Amsterdam that many visitors don’t make time for!

For example, Amsterdam is great for those who love a bargain. So get involved and go visit some of the city’s flea markets (Albert Cuypmarkt is the most popular!) It offers a great insight into local life, so whether you’re looking for smoked eel to Surinamese sherbets we’re sure you’ll find something unique to take back home! However if rummaging around in market stalls isn’t your thing then visiting the home of Anne Frank, or Amsterdam’s Historisch Museum to get your dose of history and culture.

Also try to get involved with the locals as the Dutch are very friendly people. Why not picnic with the locals by buying a light lunch and heading over to the Vondelpark which is the largest green space in Amsterdam.  Grab a bike and go for a cycle round the city, walk around the maze of canals. The most scenic canal is the Prinsengracht which we highly suggest you visit!

Another thing you should experience during your holiday (or even just your stag) is eating raw herring. Yeah you heard right. Raw herring is at its best between May and July and you can buy one from the Stadhouderskade/Jan Luijkenstraat in the Museum Quarter. It’s a bargain snack and counts as authentic Dutch cuisine at its best.

If you like art then Dutch street art is some of the best in the world and shouldn’t be missed. Keep an eye out for city’s ‘guerrilla poet’, Laser 3.14. He scribbles thought provoking “one liners” all over the city and if you have time during the even then it is worth having a peek at the city’s red light district. It’s really not as seedy as all the movies make out and because it’s such an unusual tourist attraction. You’ll find many other tourists wandering around too (of all nationalities!), so you don’t have to be embarrassed.

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