How to keep fit on holiday

fitness-300x168-5568703There are plenty of reasons why we’d want to get fit before we go on holiday and yet keeping healthy whilst away isn’t always such a priority. Taking a break is often an easy excuse to let fitness regimes and a healthy diet go to pot but if you want to come back feeling fit, fab and full of life then choosing one of the activity breaks below may well be just what you’ve always wanted.


You don’t have to be Bradley Wiggins to want to go on your cycling holidays and if you’ve got a group of like-minded friends who fancy keeping fit whilst exploring the tracks and cycle lanes of Europe then why not give it a go? There are plenty of locations where cycling holidays are the only way to travel and countries such as Germany, Denmark, Italy, France and Holland, have numerous scenic routes to let you stretch your legs and enjoy the countryside at the same time.

Well-being retreats

Keeping fit doesn’t have to mean endless hours sweating in the gym or pushing your body to the max wearing the latest designer gear. More reflective pursuits such as yoga, tai-chi and meditation present your body with the chance to rejuvenate itself through stretching, breathing and relaxing the mind. If you’ve ever wanted to come back from a holiday feeling balanced and wholesome then undertaking a week at a well-being retreat may be just what the doctor ordered.


If you’re a fan of fresh air and adventure holidays then there aren’t many activities aside from trekking that will tick all of the proverbial boxes. Across the globe there are numerous well-known trails that can be undertaken, in part or in whole, that will keep you fit and active as you discover history, culture and communities along the way. No matter what your level of competence, the great thing about trekking is that you can set your route prior to leaving home. From steep ascents and scrambling to pine forest paths and lakeside strolls, there’s never been a better way to work up a healthy appetite.

Activity centres

If sports and organised activities are more your thing, then there are plenty of outdoor centres that offer the chance to do just that on a daily basis. Team games like volleyball and soccer can be combined with singular exercises like swimming and aerobics, so all you have to do is find the right class and the right schedule and join in. Activity centres provide an excellent chance to keep healthy and develop your disciplines away from home and if you’ve ever wanted to swing through the trees like Tarzan then I can recommend an outdoor ropes course that will really put you through your paces.

Charity challenge

Taking up a challenge with a group of friends or going it alone in the pursuit of fundraising can be one of the most rewarding and worthwhile ways of getting fit and healthy. There are loads of challenges out there so pick the charity of your choice, decide what you’re going to do and then raise some cash. Whatever you intend to do, for example: the New York City marathon, climbing Kilimanjaro or walking the Annapurna circuit, you’ll need to train and prepare prior to setting off. Note: when signing up for a registered event, such as the NYC marathon, you may find that your place comes with quite a steep fundraising price so make sure you’ve got what it takes to pull in the pounds before you start to lose them.

Biog: Sudha is a lover of activity holidays and never lets the allure of beach and sunbeds get in the way of a good walk when travelling away from home.

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