Five Forgotten Holiday Essentials


Whether you’re driving to the airport, in the departure lounge, at the hotel, or on the beach, there is no good location to get that awful feeling of dread in your stomach when you realise you’ve forgotten a basic but crucial holiday essential.  It’s usually something no smartphone or phrasebook can help you replace, or that you are too proud to buy from your vacation destination for twice the price.  To help avoid this sort of situation marring your future holidays, below are five of the most useful and most forgotten holiday essentials which we really shouldn’t be taking a break without.

Most people love to send postcards to friends and loved ones whiles they’re taking it easy in foreign climes, but many of us forget to take a list of addresses in order to send our “wish you were here’s”.  The easiest way to get around this problem is to take a small notebook or address book in your bag, which will also serve as a useful way of jotting down any interesting things you’d like to look into when you get back home.

Although many of us jet off to sunny destinations for our hols, there’s no guarantee it won’t rain.  Local shops and hotels make a fortune from hapless tourists who have forgotten their brollies and are running around in their shorts and vest tops while the heavens open with a vengeance.  Nowadays umbrellas are so compact and lightweight there really is no reason to not take one in your luggage just in case.

A first aid kit may not be of any use in a serious emergency while on vacation, but it will save you from running around trying to find the nearest pharmacy where upon the language barrier will force you to perform your best mime of ‘blister plaster’.  It’s also handy to take some paracetamol just in case you ‘accidentally’ over-indulge on the local red wine.

Over the past few years clear plastic bags (or a lack of them) have been to blame for large cues forming outside baggage security stations at airports all over the world.  Buy some clear freezer bags and take them with you to avoid a despairing stare from your other half as you are forced to pay two pounds for a flimsy bag that should cost pence.

Finally, a cheap and cheerful document wallet or folder is the best way to keep all your travel and identification documents together.  It sounds simple enough, but how many luggage pockets did you look through to find your passport last time you checked in on a flight? Let’s not do that again.

Written by Francesca Caruana-Grima

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