China vacations – 5 Reasons to Take a Tour of China

Visiting China is an incredible and unforgettable experience. Whether you are making your first trip to the incredible nation or your 50th, a tour is the perfect way to see as much as possible in a short time period. There are tours that focus on historical attractions, while others direct you to the most scenic locations in the country. If you are planning on taking a holiday to China in the future, read this guide and consider if taking a tour is the right choice for you.

1. Break Down the Language Barrier:

While most cities make an effort to have English directions and street names signposted whenever possible, many smaller towns do not. Without a command of Putonghua, the official language of China, it can be a struggle to be understood while travelling. Even those who speak the local language without a problem will encounter difficulties with the drastically different dialects like Wu Shanghaiese or Cantonese. Taking a tour means that the leader can easily translate whenever necessary.

2. Worry Less About Transportation:

Since China is nearly 10 million square kilometres in size, it should come as no surprise to learn that extensive travel is usually required when touring the top destinations in China. If you don’t feel comfortable taking local transport on your own, a comfortable tour shuttle might be a more attractive alternative. Don’t worry about making the next bus or train but instead relax and enjoy the scenery out the window.


3. Wait Less and See More:

Travelling on your own might mean spending hours waiting in lines for big attractions like the Forbidden City or the museums in Tiananmen Square. A guided tour will typically lead you to the front of the line with advance tickets and allow you to see more in a shorter period of time.


4. Learn About Local Culture and Language:

A great benefit to taking a tour of China is having a local tour guide leading your group. Their knowledge on local customs, traditions, culture and language can be a great resource for visitors from around the world. Ask for local phrases that will come in handy while shopping, or learn about the proper way to serve yourself with chopsticks while dining in a Chinese restaurant.

5. Feel Safe While Travelling:

Although China is a relatively safe place to travel, not all visitors exploring the country on their own will feel comfortable. Having a tour group with you means that you can feel safe at all times. Guides can give you instructions on which areas of a city are safest and which might be best to avoid. Plus, with a guide you can reduce your chances of getting lost in an unfamiliar destination.

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