Cheap Hotels Around JFK Airport

Before taking a trip to a new town or city for business or pleasure, it’s very economical to plan in advance where you will be staying. You have to research where you will sleep, eat and hangout. Near the JKF AIRPORT are both expensive hotels and very cheap hotels. So if your choice is a very cheap hotel, here is a guide to where you should stay during your short visit. These hotels are conducive and affordable for average earners who don’t want to spend much.

Supper 8 Motel

A good example of such a hotel on Jamaica Avenue, is the Supper 8 Motel. For only 58 dollars, your car will be parked in a secure parking overnight as you sleep on a comfortable bed worth more than you paid for. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing to say hi to you is a hot delicious breakfast 100% free. After picking your washed car in the parking lot, you can decide to go to Times Square only 12 miles away or to The Yankee stadium 13 miles away.

Days Inn

The Days Inn is another hotel that has the right location and convenience for you if you have a flight to catch in the morning. As you arrive to the hotel, you will be shown a free car park. After paying only 59 dollars, you will be shown to a room with a free newspaper to read. The best of all is the safe deposit boxes just for you. Free breakfast will be provided for you in the morning to prepare you for the 1mile ride to JKF and 20miles from perfect attractions like the Coney Island.

Clarion Hotel

Clarion Hotel is on Jamaica Avenue to offer you free continental breakfast. If you are the kind of person who warms by exercising in the morning, there is an exercise room for just that. You can also earn an income while you stay in this hotel. All you have to do is use their free high speed internets service their offer, to log in to a website like IWRITER. A cable TV will update you to the latest news on CNN or watch your favorite soap just like home. The Shea stadium is so near if you love sports or you could take your children at the Bronx Zoo just 11miles away. For only 62dollars, you will sleep 4miles from The JKF Airport.

When you arrive at the airport, the Best western 24-hour shuttle will be available to take you to the hotel only 5minutes away with rooms from only 65 dollars a head. Satellite television will keep you glued to the screen as you watch happenings around the world and your soap opera. If you have mail to answer, you will just use their free high speed internet to keep you connected to the world. Free breakfast will give you strength to kick start the day before you leave the Best Western hotel.

Comfort Inn

The Comfort Inn is1mile or less from the JKF Airport. A shuttle is available for your Airport trips. Each room starting from 67 dollars will offer you TV channels at you fingertip. At the Comfort Inn which is on153rd lane, Jamaica, NY, you will be staying close to business, shopping malls and JKF Airport.

Holiday Inn Express

Last but not least, you can decide to stay at the Holiday Inn Express for as low as only 67 dollars per head. A satellite TV and internet will keep you so occupied and walk you through the night. Hotel Inn Express is situated within walking distance to the JKF Airport.

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