A City Guide to Glasgow

I attended a wonderful Christmas Party in Glasgow in 2011 and I must say I count it as one of the best party I have ever been to (and that’s saying something!)   So since last year I have been day dreaming about going back to enjoy the festive delights again this year. However my new found love for the Scottish city doesn’t surprise me, as it’s widely considered to be the UK’s third favourite city and when it snows… trust me the experience is magical.

So I decided to take some time out to write an article for anyone else who’s thinking about visiting this great Scottish city. Well enough time out to temporarily stop searching for “Christmas party nights Glasgow 2012” anyway!

First up, Glasgow is hard to beat when it comes to shopping (especially Christmas present shopping) with over 1500 shops centred in the main city area; Glasgow has a great selection of malls, boutiques, independent shops and specialist shops for you to explore. My favourite shop in Glasgow is the Pink Poodle Boutique which sells some of the best dresses in the city.

However if it’s nightlife you’re after then head to the west end where (and I kid you not) there are over 1000 bars and clubs in the city centre for you to visit. I recommend the Blue Dog if you want a relaxed but sophisticated place to drink then head to Grosvenor (which used to be an old cinema) as it serves some of the best cocktails in town.

After some food though? Don’t worry! Just make your way to The Ubiquitous Chip Restaurant. Trust me it serves some of the best (if not *the best* food in city) and with dishes such as mixed new season lamb grill with Rack, stuffed breast, sweetbread and kidney brochette. I’m sure you’ll agree with me!

Another thing many tourists don’t know is that Glasgow is fast gaining reputation for being a city of culture (and has been since 1990.)The city itself boasts one of the UK’s most exciting music scenes, as well as a varied selection galleries, museums and theatres.

And that’s it for my Glasgow city guide (now I’m going to go back and continue my search for Glasgow Christmas parties) but before I go I will part with you a little fact about this fine city: did you know that the Stonner Kebab was “invented” in Glasgow, which consists of a sausage wrapped in doner meat before being deep fried. It contains 1000 calories. Wow.

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