4 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Cruise

Depending on the particular package and the destinations involved, it is commonly considered that cruising holidays are the ideal solution for the majority of holiday makers. With spectacular food and service, the opportunity of seeing the world and the fact that minimal cramped and uncomfortable travel is often involved; it’s little wonder that cruising is fast becoming the world’s most popular form of holiday.


Companies throughout the world, such as carnival cruises, offer a variety of packages and destinations on board their fleet of world class ships.

However, not all cruises are the same and not all companies operate in the same way so when booking a cruise, it’s important to ensure that the cruise which is booked is the ideal one for the holiday maker and their particular needs. Luckily, there are a number of steps which holiday makers can take to ensure that the cruise they want is the one they get.


The beauty of cruising is that it allows the holiday maker to visit a variety of destinations in their standard holiday time and these are often not destinations they would be able to visit. From the Caribbean to the Norwegian Fjords and the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean, the choice of destination is solely in the hands of the visitor and their personal desires. However, when making the choice of destination, it is important to consider factors such as how long do they wish to travel for, how much do they want to see and how long do they have as this might limit the choice somewhat.

For example, a person who wished to see eight Caribbean islands, had a fourteen night holiday but did not want a flight on either side of their cruise would struggle. The cruising time from the UK to the nearest island in the Caribbean would take several days to reach and then return from the Caribbean and would not leave enough time for the eight ports. This is the precise reason why so many cruise companies, such as Carnival Cruises offer a flight one or both ways of their far-flung destinations.


Although it’s no secret that the food on board cruise liners is among the best in the world, there are still variations on the standard. Whilst some of the older cruise companies tend to still only offer extremely formal evening dining with best dress being mandatory, some of the younger lines such as Carnival Cruises recognise that this is not to everyone’s taste and offer a variety of dining options.



The vast majority of cruises offer daytime and evening entertainment but whilst some have a cabaret show, others offer cinemas, casinos and piano recitals to appeal to a wider variety of guest. With that in mind, it’s worth ensuring that the cruise company in question provide the entertainment you like prior to booking.

Other Cruisers

Although children are a frequent sight on cruise ships, and many liners offer kids clubs, the presence of children is not to everyone’s taste and many also offer adult only cruises for this purpose.

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