Riga – A stag party and cheap holiday city guide

If you’re struggling for stag do ideas (or just EU holiday ideas) and you preferably want to go somewhere cheap and exciting then you want to go to Riga. The cultural capitol city of Latvia is one of the most beautiful in Europe and is home to the biggest assortment of Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) architecture in the world. Plus it’s also known for having a diverse and exhilarating night life scene; Riga is fast becoming a holiday destination for young people who want to holiday abroad but need to do it on a budget.

The city is divided by a river (The River Daugaya) and old town can be found on the east side of the river. This area is the most popular area for tourists and not too far away is the Freedom Monumentwhich also a tourist hot spot. Personally, I recommend the free guided tour which runs every day from St Peter’s Church at 12:00pm (look for a bright yellow suitcase!)

If you want to explore the outskirts of Riga, you will find the common grey housing blocks reminiscent of the Soviet style. Although not very interesting, they do provide an insight into how the Latvian people previously lived in history.

Attraction wise (these are worth checking out even if you’re just on a Riga stag do and have no interest in anything but the bars!) St. Peters Church is Riga’s oldest church and (even just for the architecture) it’s worth visiting. Inside there’s a lift that will take you up to the tower where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Riga (although this isn’t open on Mondays.) The Freedom Monument is considered to be Riga’s national symbol and just south from it is the Laima Clock which is a Latvian chocolate producer. Obviously the art nouveau buildings created by the architect Eisenstein is another famous attraction in Riga and you can find these on Alberta and Elizabetes street. Finally the national museum of art and Riga central market are also worth exploring too.