How to Find Cheap Half Term Holidays

For parents with children at school, it can be difficult to find the perfect getaway when working around the inflexibility of school terms. In today’s economy, holidaymakers are looking to save money more than ever. However, thanks to the laws of supply and demand, prices for holidays in those much coveted half-terms simply sky-rocket. Here are some tips to find a great half-term holiday without breaking the bank.

Managing expectations

There are some great short breaks to be had if holidaymakers plan in advance and know what to expect. A fortnight in a tropical paradise may be off the list, but it’s still possible to enjoy a fun-filled beach break on the cheap. With some lovely beaches located in the likes of Northern France or even Cornwall in England, it is possible to have that sun, sea and sand getaway without the price tag.

Tourists could try looking for a cheap deal to one of Europe’s fascinating cities with plenty of excursions and activities for the family to enjoy. There is of course the time-honoured family camping trip. With many great camp sites across the UK and the rest of Europe offering compelling prices, it is possible to get back to basics and have camping trip to remember.

Choose the destination wisely

It is useful to keep an eye on global exchange rates to get the best value for money. Generally speaking, destinations outside the Eurozone will have a better exchange rate, allowing visitors to make the most out of their spending money. There are some great holiday resorts in places such as Egypt and Turkey which give holiday makers the sunny weather they desire whilst saving some money. Eastern European destinations can be an excellent choice for those who want to experience different cultures and to have an unusual but enjoyable break.


Finding good exchange rates can save money

Be an early bird

It is important to take note of school term dates well in advance, as this will allow holidaymakers to have the pick of the best discount holidays. Some travel agents may offer discounts for customers who book well in advance and sometimes even offer free places for children. Booking early is one of the best ways to have a brilliant holiday and save some pennies, so if you are looking for Magaluf cheap deals for instance, it pays to be early!

Being flexible with dates

Jetting off as soon as children break up from school is bound to be the most expensive option. Instead, anyone looking for the cheapest deals should consider waiting a few days before going away. Generally speaking, flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is cheaper than the rest of the week, so it’s possible to grab some great flight deals if the dates are chosen wisely.

The duration of a holiday will of course also impact on price, with short duration breaks costing less than longer ones in general. It is also possible to cut costs by picking flight times that are less busy, such as early morning or late at night.


Jetting off at the right time can be a great money saver

Saving money with special offers

Tourists should research their chosen destinations to see if any money-saving deals are available. Some places may offer family passes to attractions such as theme parks and aquariums as well as other fun days out. When a great deal is found, it is vital to grab it quick before being beaten to the chase by someone else.


For savvy holidaymakers, it is possible to have a brilliant half-term break for a very reasonable price. By being diligent with research and flexible with dates, some serious cash can be saved. The planning and research might seem dull, but the pay off will be worth it with a family holiday to remember.

By Bradley Houston

Image credits: EnvironmentBlog and bfraz

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