A Guide to Beach Holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Although there is plenty of diversity when it comes to the landscape and the terrain on the island, there can be no doubt that the most popular aspect of a Cypriot vacation are the stunning beaches. If you are planning a trip to Cyprus and want to find the best beaches on the island, then use this guide to learn a little more about the six best beaches on Cyprus as well as your accommodation options at each.

1. Fig Beach Bay

This stunning beach is a beautiful destination in Protaras. It received the name thanks to the few fig trees that grow on either side of the sand. This is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for some exciting water sports and recreation opportunities. You can try snorkelling, kayaking or even rent a jet ski from Fig Beach Bay.

It is sheltered from the wind and is a relatively calm place for novice swimmers or children to enjoy. The coast in this region is lined with hotels and there is no shortage of accommodation options. For travellers on any budget, it’s always worth checking for late holiday deals in Cyprus as they are often available.

2. Nissi Beach

For an exciting and crowded beach full of young people, music and thrills, Nissi Beach is the number one spot you should visit in Cyprus. It is the most popular beach in the busy summer destination of Ayia Napa and is frequented primarily by young travellers and those in search of wild times and exciting nightlife. In the summer months you can find live DJs at the beach front clubs and cafes serving delicious meals and drinks to party goers at all hours of the day or night. It is a short walk from the Ayia Napa resort area and you can find hotels, hostels and even some of the best Cyprus apartments in the entire island.


Nissi Beach near Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

3. Finikoudes Beach

This is by far the most popular of all the beaches in the Larnaca District of Cyprus. The name is Greek for Palm Tree Beach, and that is certainly an apt description for the scenery at Finikoudes. You will find plenty of palm trees that line the sandy shoreline of the beach as well as some grassy areas perfect for a picnic or a game of soccer or Frisbee with friends. There are several different restaurants, hotels and cafes along the beach that make it a convenient location for travellers.

4. Petra Tou Romiou

Local residents of Cyprus will tell you that the Petra Tou Romiou, or the Beach of Aphrodite as it is often called, is the most significant and historical coastal destination on the island. Legend has it that this beautiful beach is where Aphrodite appeared when trying to find the most beautiful destination to call her home. Petra Tou Romiou was the location she deemed most attractive.

The beach is perfect for swimming or relaxing and is surrounded by a number of lavish vacation rental homes that make for the perfect villa holidays.


Aphrodite’s Rock or Petra Tou Romiou.

5. Phinikoudes Beach

This beach in Larnaca is frequented primarily by local residents. However, an increasing number of international travellers are discovering the great views and amenities that Phinikoudes has to offer. The water is typically very calm and it is a great place to visit if you have young children with you. There are several affordable cafes, shops, restaurants and hotels within walking distance of Phinikoudes Beach.

6. Alagadi Turtle Beach

Those with a passion for nature and wildlife should be sure to visit the incredible Alagadi Turtle Beach. Although it is not a popular water recreation spot, the water is ideal for swimming and the sand is often covered in loggerhead turtles who come onshore in order to lay their eggs.

Image Credits: Jenn Peters and sivmetavm.