4 Reasons Why You’re Wrong And You Can Afford A Trip To Paradise


You’ve probably grown up your whole life wondering what it was like in other countries. If you’re like most other people you haven’t got many stamps in your passport, or maybe you don’t even have one. That’s pretty sad and there’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. There’s plenty of reasons you can use to convince yourself not to go. Although they maybe sound good in your head they’re not as extreme as you think they are. The biggest one has to be money, right?

It’s a huge misconception that travelling to far off places is expensive. The only thing that costs a lot of money is the actual flight. There are hundreds of places where the dollar won’t get you far, but there’s also places where you can live like a king or queen. You can live a life of luxury for the few weeks you are away and it would actually save you money. Have a look around for cheap flights and I’ll let you in on some things you never knew existed.

There’s two sides to Europe


People think of Europe like it’s one big expensive country. There’s lots of countries and some of them are as expensive as back home, but when you cross over into Eastern Europe it’s like you’re in a completely different world. They are still building on from the war and your money can go a long way there. If you ask most people they’ll tell you it’s where you’ll find the most exciting countries anyway. If you want to try out a few cities you can land in a major city and take the train from place to place. It costs very little in that part of the world.

The magic of India and China



There’s not many places left in the world where your breath can be taken away by everything you see. Countries don’t look exactly like back home, but once you’ve seen one you have seen them all. India and China are probably two of the last big countries on the planet where this isn’t the case, and you will see things you would never have imagined. The two are vastly different, yet they both have the same kind of charm that reels you in. It’s also worth mentioning that they are very affordable and unless you’re in the big cities your money will go a long way.

Tropical islands on the cheap

When you think of tropical islands the first places that come to mind are the Bahamas or the Seychelles. Those places are gorgeous, but you won’t come back with any spare change. Luckily there’s a huge amount of islands that will cost you very little compared to anything too mainstream. There’s lovely islands off the coast of Central America that are just as amazing as the Bahamas, and islands like Bali give the Seychelles a run for their money. You’ll feel in paradise on all four islands, but you will only be able to live like a king on two of them.

The North of Africa


There’s no doubt Africa can be an expensive place to visit, but that’s only when you visit the game reserves and pay thousands of dollars for the pleasure of seeing a lion. Up in the north there’s plenty of lovely countries that don’t cost a lot of money. Morocco and Egypt are two special places with wonderful cultures where you can have a great time. If you want to go deeper into Africa there’s still cheap places to be found and you can even experience a safari without selling your home, but you just need to stay away from the places that advertise to the rich. That’s all you ever need to do to save money.

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