The Top 5 Clubs in Ibiza

hen-girls-partying-300x220-7802038Ibiza has long been the original party city, the origin of beach clubbing, and the destination du jour of the clubbing world. Popular with men going on an Ibiza stag do , women going on a clubbing hen do and general club veterans. This dance city of the world is home to some of the best and most legendary clubs in the world. So if it’s a non-stop party holiday you’re after then make sure you read our guide of the best clubs in Ibiza…

Legendary for its opening and closing parties San Rafael’s Amnesia is an open-air club that houses two massive rooms, a swanky VIP terrace (that unfortunately is no longer o0pen air) and countless skimpily clad dancers. The club has a relaxed dress code so you don’t have to worry too much if you didn’t pack anything super smart. Trust us, the people here range from wearing full on sequin disco numbers to barely there bikinis. So don’t sweat it. Just make sure you’re there for the closing party as it’s been known to go down in Ibiza clubbing history.


This place is an underground dancing hot spot for the serious clubbing fiend. Because since it opened in the 90’s this little club has earned itself a big reputation.  Formally an airport hangar, the venue can hold up to 1500 people and has an unshakable dedication to electronic music. It’s long running “Circo Loco” techno night draws hundreds from far and as a result of this it’s the perfect place to lose yourself in an “anything goes” club that has had more than its fair share of run ins with the authorities in the past. However despite this, the club still stands and is packed every season.


The crème de la crème of the clubbing world, Pacha has a reputation for being the glitzy and the glittering best of the Ibiza club universe so make sure you pack your best threads or your killer heels because you’re going to need them to get in. Open seven nights a week during the summer season, the 3000 capacity venue draws in both the glitterati and world famous DJ’s.  If you plan to hit this club then be prepared to spend a lot because this is not the place to be counting the pennies. Oh no, this club is about the excessive dancing and excess in general. So keep that in mind and surrender yourself to the extravagance.

Ushuaia Beach Club

If its daytime partying you’re looking for then this is the place you need to be. The parties end at midnight if you want to carry on intro the night as well and the venue is a favourite haunt of famous DJ’s such as Luciano and David Guetta. The club also offers rooms too if you get tired and if you get hungry there are two restaurants for you to choose from too. The club is open air, with a pool but if you want to party in private then you can always book the Pacha shack.


If you’ve ever wanted to know what the world’s biggest club was called then you’ll be pleased to know that this is it. Considered to be the big daddy of the Ibiza clubbing universe, this super club was originally a swimming pool back in the 60’s but now it’s of the best clubs in Ibiza, where the rich and playful come to looser themselves in the music and madness. The venue can house up to 10,000 clubbers on various layers and regularly hosts top international DJ’s who play above in a booth suspended above the swimming pool (yes you read that right – a suspended DJ booth.) Our only advice is – make sure you arrange a meet up point with people if you get lost. Because trust us, you can easily get lost in this place!

Obviously there are more clubs out there but regardless of whether you’re on a stag or just a generally clubbing holiday there’s plenty to explore in Ibiza and even if you don’t manage to go to any of the above clubs we’re sure you’ll find some amazing clubbing gems of your own!