Malaga: top 5 tourist attractions

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world; it is the second largest city of Andalusia and fifth largest city of Spain (by population). Founded in the 8th century, it is a prime center of Spain and Europe; where famous personalities like Artist Pablo Picasso and Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas were born.

The Andalusia Technological Park (PTA) of Malaga is one of the top Science and Technological Parks in the world with more than 500 companies.

Malaga has a number of tourist destinations which attract more than 13 million visitors every year to Malaga. The attractions cover a wide area so either book a hire car or use the plentiful public transport options. In this article you’ll get information on some of the major tourist attractions of Malaga.

Museo Picasso, Malaga:

As a birth place of the famous international Artist, the Museo Picasso pays tribute to his life. There are a number of Picasso Museums in the world; this one was established in the year 2003. Picasso is a world renowned Painter and Sculpture Artist. The museum is situated in the building of Buenavista Palace, which was built at the beginning of 16th century.

Malaga Cathedral:

This Roman Catholic Cathedral was built during the Renaissance period and was completed in the 1782. The 84 meter high building is the second highest Cathedral in Andalusia. The building also houses a collection of various artworks and sculptures by Antonio Ramos, Aldehuela, Salazar, Antonio Palomino and Enrique Simonet.


The imposing and impressive Malaga Cathedral.

Caves of Nerja:

The Caves of Nerja are one of the major tourist locations of Spain. The caves are natural phenomena and were found by five friends on 12th January 1959. The cave is divided in to two parts, Nerja I and Nerja II. Nerja I is open to the public and has show galleries. Many visitors to the Malaga area will want to visit the Caves of Nerja.


A scene from the caves of Nerja, Malaga.


Bull fighting is famous in Spain; and if you’re in Malaga between April and September don’t forget to visit Bullring or watch the bullfights here. The prime period of bullfighting is in the middle of August. The Bullring of Malaga is one of the oldest in Spain and lies in the heart of the city. Other than bullfights, the space or stadium is used for many week-long festivals throughout the year.

Aqualand Torremolinos:

Aqualand is in Torremolinos which is about 8 miles from the centre of Malaga. Aqualand is one of the largest water-parks in Spain and is full of fun and entertainment for children and adults alike. Its main attractions are the amazing Black Hole, children’s amusement and Water Park – Mini Park, river flow and whirlpool entertainment in Rapids. There is also the Boomerang, Crazy Race the fastest water race, Super Slalom, Kamikaze the highest 22m in Europe, Twister, Surf Beach, Jacuzzi, Espiral and Multipistas.


Malaga has much to offer, other than the five locations above there are many more tourist destinations and amusement centres available in Malaga. Some of them include the Tivoli Malaga theme park for children and teenagers; the 8th century Alcazaba Fortress situated at the hilltop of Malaga; the 14th Century’s Gibralfaro Castle; historical Roman Theatre; 15th Century Sagario Church; 18th Century  House of Consulate and much more. The beaches of Malaga are also very popular with tourists; there are also many shows and festivals, which attract many people to the Malaga area.

Image Credits: ainudil and Chrstopher.