Brighton at Christmas

champaign-gold-4506225Brighton is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations. Every year thousands and thousands of Brits and foreigners visit the seaside city to take in the unique and cosmopolitan atmosphere that Brighton offers – especially during the summer season.  However Brighton is also charming during the winter months too. A fact that many visitors don’t realise: they and many others assume that a seaside town should only be visited during the summer months.

We disagree! Why? Because many high profile companies organise large corporate Christmas parties in Brighton, when it snows the city really is beautiful and well… because in the winter I’ve been there myself! In fact Brighton really goes all out for Christmas! They have lights that trail down from the clock tower, lights in Brighton square and the lanes (which are a unique and a huge attraction in Brighton) decorate the streets to spread the Christmas cheer.

Brighton pavilion sets up an ice rink during this season too, so you can enjoy some open air ice skating with a stunning view to boot! There’s also the annual Brighton Christmas day swim which is always fun to watch (maybe not to actually join because the water is really, really cold) which see’s hundreds of people brave the cold conditions to have an en masse swim.

Christmas shopping in Brighton is always good fun, as there are lots of unique and diverse shops to visit. Churchill square is the shopping mall and offers many of the well-known high street brands, whereas the lanes are best for more boutique type shops.  Plus the city is home to several fantastic restaurants where you can enjoy a multitude of cuisines from around the world.

So if that wasn’t enough to convince you to visit Brighton during the Christmas season then just Google “Christmas parties Brighton” and you’ll see what I mean!