5 Things You Never Knew About Barcelona, Spain.

5 Things You Never Knew About Barcelona, Spain.

The Spanish city of Barcelona is a popular travel destination for those interested in anything from football to fine dining. But just how much do you really know about Spain’s second largest metropolis? Here are five interesting facts that you never knew about Barcelona.

Traffic in Barcelona 

Accidents occur in the city of Barcelona every nineteen seconds and its drivers are considered to be amongst the worst in the world. The majority of residents therefore prefer to be pedestrians, making the city’s streets full of walkers at most times. But don’t let the drivers put you off hiring a car, you’ll need one to get around this vast city.

The total area devoted exclusively to pedestrians is estimated to be the equivalent of around 260 football fields. Cycling is also a particularly popular mode of transport. If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, you should take your most comfortable walking shoes with you!
The origin of Barcelona 

The origin of Barcelona is uncertain and much debated. Some say that the city was founded by Hercules, 400 years before Rome, whilst others say that Hamilcar Barca, a famous Carthaginian General, was the founder of the city in the 3rd century BC. It is said that he named the city Barcino after his family, the Barca family of Carthage.

Business in Barcelona
According to the European Cities Monitor conducted by Cushman and Wakefield, Barcelona is the 4th best European city in which to locate a business, beaten only by London, Frankfurt and Paris. Due to the large numbers of tourists visiting every year, the service sector is particularly strong, including restaurants, bars and clubs. There are also a huge number of companies offering Spanish language courses, as well as headquarters for some of Spain’s largest businesses.

Beaches in Barcelona 

Despite being named as the ‘best beach city’ by National Geographic, Barcelona’s beaches weren’t used for leisure until 1992. Today there are seven beaches with a total of 4.5 km of coastline, but these were used solely for industrial purposes until the city’s redevelopment for the 1992 Olympic Games. According to the Discovery Channel, the Barceloneta beach is the best urban beach in the world and the third best beach in the world.


A Barcelona beach.

La Rambla 

La Rambla is probably the most famous street in Barcelona, but in reality, it consists of five boulevards, joined together to make one long promenade. It starts from Placa Catalunya and ends at the Colombus statue by the waterfront.  It is for this reason that the 2 km long area is also commonly known in plural as Las Ramblas. It attracts thousands of people every day and night who enjoy the restaurants, pleasant pavement cafes and popular street performers.


A street performer at La Rambla .


Barcelona is a fascinating city which is guaranteed to keep you enthralled. If you enjoy visiting places where you can really get involved in the local culture and discover things that you never knew, it makes a great destination for a holiday or short weekend break. With regular flights from most UK airports, you could be enjoying the Spanish city in around two hours.

Image Credits: Daniel.richardson and oskar/marin.