Top 5 UK Holiday Destinations

Looking for a weekend break? The top 5 places to visit in the UK!

With the economy in its current state it is a fact that many of us are feeling the pinch. The echo of a double dip recession around the corner doesn’t make anyone feel very secure in their financial situation, this coupled with the extremely poor foreign currency rates it is no surprise that many families are looking to stay in the UK for a short holiday. Many families are opting to explore the UK for their holiday fix rather than look overseas for a vacation.

If you are planning on staying in the UK, why not look at some of the best destinations listed below:

One of the most famous counties located in the very South West of the UK. Cornwall is famous for its Cornish pasties (a must have if you are visiting!), it’s beautiful beaches and Land’s End (the most Westerly point of mainland England). With over 140 beaches there is bound to be one perfectly suited for every individual.

Wales is famous for its hills and abundance of sheep. Wales is gloriously set amongst some of the most breath taking scenery that the UK has to offer. Snowdonia for example is often referred to as one of the most beautiful places in the UK and for that reason alone should be visited. There is something for everyone, with the fast pace of Cardiff to the slower life of Rhyl.

Scotland has many, many attractions and again can be suited to any family on any budget. The highlands offer some of the best views from the entire UK, while the lochs offer great sporting opportunities; fishing is one of the main ones. Other attractions include visiting many of the whiskey distilleries and the glass blowing trade. There are all types of accommodation available too, from B&B’s to guest houses and hotels.

Windsor might seem like a surprise entry to the list but it is a small town that had a big impact. Not a seaside town, but more mainland; Windsor has many ties in with the Royal Family as does the world famous Windsor Castle. LEGOLAND is also a huge attraction suited to all family members of any age. Windsor Hotels and other accommodation in Windsor can be easily found.

Norfolk is tailored for those who really do love the countryside. It is also the kind of place that needs to be visited in the summer months when everything looks just that bit better. Sandy beaches are in abundance and make holidays great for younger children. There are many attractions to be found too.

Some of the big cities like Birmingham, London and Manchester could have been on the list but although they are fantastic cities, they are not really idea holiday locations. I hope the above has given food for thought about some places you could potentially visit in the future.

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