The 8 Biggest Traffic Jams of All Times


Is the traffic bad where you live? Are you always complaining about how long it takes to get to work? You really need to read about the world’s biggest and worst traffic jams to get a perspective! The next time you’re in your car driving to work or to pick up your kid from school, just thank God you weren’t caught in one of these jams! However, if you were caught in one of these jams – well, our heartfelt sympathies.

1. A Traffic Jam Stretching For 110 Miles In Paris

A bad traffic jam in a still-developing country like China might come as no surprise, but Paris? Well, in 1980, the French Autoroute between Paris and Lyon was blocked for 110 miles in what is considered the world’s worst traffic jam ever. This jam actually made it into the Guinness World Records. Traffic in Paris is expected to double every year and we can expect the traffic situation there to continue the same for a long time.

2. A Traffic Jam Stretching Over 60 Miles In China

Cars and trucks were crawling at an ant’s pace, jammed by multitudes of vehicles and people for over 60 miles on the National Expressway 110 on August 19th, 2010. The route 110 is the major route that connects Beijing to Zhangjiakou. The highway has insufficient traffic capacity caused by the ongoing maintenance construction since August 19. Jams on this highway continued for months starting August 19th. With 17000 trucks using the highway every day, it’s hardly a surprise that any wrench in the process can cause a jam here.

3. Huge Traffic Jam In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil, experiences huge traffic jams every day but the greatest one took place in June 2009. 295km of traffic jammed the whole city, grid locking over 35% of the city’s roads. Sao Paulo is said to experience the worst jams in the world. It’s so bad and so regular that men and women perform their toiletries on the roads while waiting to get to work. Men shave, women put on makeup, people make calls and people just lock up their cars and go have a drink!

4. UK M25 Jammed For 20 Hours Due To Blocked Tunnel

The United Kingdom does not experience too many jams, thanks to the amazing infrastructure. Still, a 20-kilometer jam was quite a bit deal. One such took place in 2006 due to a lorry driver who managed to crash into a ventilation fan in the Dartford tunnel. This happened on the M25 route; the tunnel had to close down for nine hours, keeping drivers waiting in the freezing weather inside their cars, burning up fuel to keep themselves warm.

5. The Biggest Traffic Jam In Japanese History

In 1990, Tokyo saw Japan’s biggest traffic jam ever. Preceding the Typhoon Winona, motorists returning from their vacations joined evacuees to get out of Tokyo, causing 15,000 cars to cram into a jam that spanned 84 miles. Japan is not big enough to withstand large jams but the truth is that Japan’s traffic is horribly congested on a daily basis. The huge jam in 1990 is actually only twice the daily traffic of Japan’s roads!

6. Traffic Jam On The German Border

East and West Germany were coming together again and that made 1990 a great year. Tourists and families were celebrating; visiting each other along the border. 18 million cars were stalled alongside the East-West German border, blocking traffic for miles on a road equipped to handle only 50,000 cars at a time. The authorities had to manage the traffic jam as best as they could, but they couldn’t get harsh with the people for finally celebrating their reunions with family and friends.

7. The Winter Jam In Moscow

Every winter in Moscow sees horrible traffic jams. Winters cause accidents in Moscow that give rise to pile ups, huge snow drifts, unsafe driving conditions and so on that bring traffic to a stop. Roads are regularly closed and people have to make do with those that are open. Schools are usually closed during winter to prevent children from being hurt in these jams.

8. Traffic Congestion Caused By Hurricane Rita

Thousands of people started fleeing from Houston, Texas, to escape Hurricane Rita in 2005. This caused major pileups and traffic on Interstate 45 for hours, making it tough for anyone to really escape the hurricane. In 2005, even as people came to know that Hurricane Rita was scheduled to hit, they all decided to evacuate at the same time. The result? 2.5 million cars loaded on Interstate 45, jamming the world for 100 miles. The jam lasted for 48 hours, with people passing time chatting amongst themselves. It took motorists 28 hours to cross a 3-hour stretch!

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