4 Tips For Solo Travelers

Everyone has heard horror stories of solo travelers being taken advantage of or targeted. For many people, the idea of traveling alone can be nerve-wracking at the very least, but is sometimes simply necessary to the career or for personal reasons. If you’ve got to travel on your own for some reason in the near future, you may be interested in these helpful tips to stay safe in your travels.

Avoid Looking Too Tourist-Like

Time and time again, police and other experts mention that lone people are far more likely to be perceived as easy targets than people in large groups. If you’re going to be sight-seeing alone, do so with a mind for subtlety where you can. Plan your route before leaving to avoid looking lost, and go somewhere private or protected to reference your map or ask for directions. Look like you belong and know where you’re going.

Be Careful Who You Trust

Some solo travelers have big dreams to get swept off their feet while on holiday. Some people even travel to far off places with a particular meeting already planned, and long distance dating can certainly be successful in its own way. However, make sure that if you plan on entrusting your time to someone that you’ve made it clear to loved ones (or at least one) where you will be and the contact details you have for the person you’re meeting. Ensure that you do some of your own research before you decide to take big steps, though. Poke around, and even consider running a background check before you take a chance on a stranger.

Keep Small Amounts of Money and Use Traveler’s Checks

If you’ve got large sums of money with you, not only are you an easy target, but you’re also completely out of luck if something does happen and your money is lost or stolen. By using traveler’s checks, you will be able to cancel and replace those funds, so long as you keep the numbers of your checks in a safe and separate place. When carrying cash, do so in such a way that it’s discreet; a small purse or wallet in a front pocket is a perfect way to conceal and keep tabs on your money.

Keep Your Room Number To Yourself

You may not know this, but hotel staff are usually trained not to announce your room number at the front desk. If someone does this and you’re traveling by yourself, kindly ask to be relocated and explain why. Keep your room key safe, lock your doors and consider alerting management to the fact that you are travelling by yourself. That way, if anyone approaches the front desk claiming to be part of your party, the staff will know not to give your information or room number out.

This guest post is from Allison with BackgroundCheck.org.

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