The 4 Best Craft Cocktail Spots in Boston

For years Boston has been secretly becoming a powerhouse for craft cocktails. Often restrained to flashy, “chic” cities, Boston has been quietly developing its own craft cocktail culture. Here are a few selections of the best craft cocktail places found anywhere in Boston.

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Storyville is located in Boston’s Back Bay, down the street from the public library. The atmosphere is a mix of speakeasy and nightclub and Storyville has gained notoriety for its signature craft cocktails. Storyville features 5 distinct drink selections: fizzes, “the tiki hut”, “stories and libations”, smashes, and sours. For the faint of heart, the smashes and sours selections are simple, classic drinks made with high quality ingredients. For the more adventurous drinker, try one of their famous fizzes. Storyville also serves some amazing food, but the craft cocktails are the centerpieces at this Back Bay joint.

River Gods

Located across the Charles in Cambridge, River Gods serves up one of the best cocktails in the city, the River God’s Black and Tan. How can a drink as simple as this be on our list? Because it’s really good. A black and tan is simply an ale topped with a stout or porter. The River God’s make this simple combination by pouring a Guinness on top of a Bass. The combination is perfect and paired with their traditional pub food makes for a great drink experience.

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Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar

Located in the heart of Boston, the Citizen Public House is famous for one spring inspired cocktail, the mint julep. Made famous by the Kentucky Derby and delicious by the Citizen Public House, this drink is sure to delight. Served in a traditional metal cup this drink is packed with perfect proportions of crushed ice, bourbon and mint that lets each aspect of the drink shine.


Makers of the second drink in our countdown served in an unusual cup, Stoddard’s best drink is the Moscow mule. This drink is served in an ice cold copper mug that keeps your drink cold no matter how long you sip it. They combine vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and mint in a delicate fashion that makes this a truly unique mule.

Try one of these drinks the next time you are looking for an inspired drink. Though they do not come cheaply, these craft cocktails are hand made with the finest ingredients and are often the topic of conversation. So the next time your are out on the town, try a new cocktail, and if you are unsure what to get, just put yourself in the bartenders’ hands.

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