Sleeping Furniture for Children’s Holiday Camps

So you’re preparing camp for visiting kids this summer. Things are getting hectic and there is a lot to be done. Games, food, and entertainment all have to be taken care of; plus, you need new sleeping furniture for your ‘barracks.’ Luckily, making this decision is easy when you know what you want and how to find a good contract bed supplier before you buy. Here are some pointers to help you along the way.

Giving the children freedom and space doesn’t have to apply only on the outside. Bedrooms are where kids will socialise most and really get to know each other, without “boring grown-ups” around.

Bunk beds are a great way for kids to have fun when they are away from home. Besides the obvious benefits they offer – such as the excitement of making new friends, fighting amongst each other for the top bunk bed, and making acrobatic leaps to the floor from their beds – bunk beds are also very economical. Due to their shape, bunk beds are also great ‘space savers’ and are a lot more adaptable when trying to make the most out of corners in the room.

Single beds for a camp are too big. Unless your bedrooms are stadium-type massive, then they wouldn’t be practical and could even become extremely expensive. However, should you choose to go down this route, then purchasing single beds with drawers in the base is a great idea. This type of bed is a space-saver that will provide a place for children to organise their belongings, rather than having them scattered all over the floor.

There are two bases you could choose from – a slate base or a solid base. Whilst slate bases are cheaper and recommended for ventilation advantages, solid bases will make the bed last longer. When children are away from home, they will run riot. Pillows fights, obstacle courses, and the all-time favourite wrestling match will take their toll on the timber slates, which will eventually break. Solid bases provide more support making them more durable.

Besides the practicality of choosing your sleeping arrangements there are some other issues to think about:


When it comes to children, safety is the number one priority. Buying contract beds that will not harm your kids in case of accidents must be at the top of your list. Frames made of solid metals can be dangerous.

If you choose to buy a bed made out of these materials, then it is a good idea to wrap the poles in soft foam to prevent children from banging their heads and hurting themselves. The same should also be done for sharp edges. Remove or fix unnecessary nails and bolts that stick out. In addition, position the beds so they don’t block the way. Keep the fire escape and main door easily accessible.


Children will wreck anything, most of the time they do not do this on purpose; however, the concept of prevention rather than accident must be nurtured. Whilst kids’ beds shouldn’t just be some old tat found on the skip, it is recommended to not blow a whole bedroom budget on this furniture. On average you will be able to get good, decent mattresses for an affordable price as they are a lot smaller than their adult counterpart.


Make them fun. There’s no point buying bunk beds that look like prison cell furniture. Shop around and see what the market has to offer. There are some great designs that incorporate fun with practicality very well. The same goes for children’s single beds; make sure you know your clientele. Buying cute frilly frames suited for little princesses might not be the best idea for the boys rolling into town.

With all this in mind, choosing the right beds for your camp should be a little easier. On the whole children don’t notice as much as we shoppers do, however keeping them safe, entertained and comfortable is something we should aim for.

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