Five Reasons Why You Should Spend Your 2012 Summer Holidays in the UK

Many people think that spending their holidays abroad is the only way for them to have great holidays and discover new things. This isn’t true at all as we are going to see that you can spend your holidays in the UK and have a lot of fun without ruining yourself.

1. Cost-effective Holidays

Spending your holidays in the UK is cost-effective as you won’t need to buy a plane ticket, or even if you have to buy one it won’t be as expensive as a ticket to Spain or France. In fact, you’ll be able to drive to your destination or if you don’t want to bring your car with you, you can still book a train ticket or take the coach. So spending your holidays in the UK will help you save some money, and we all know how saving money has become difficult in this atmosphere of economic crisis.   


Save Money

2. Many Places to Discover

In addition, there are many great places to explore, in fact most of us want to go abroad to see and discover new things when we don’t even know about all the great things that we have in our own country. If you’re interested in history you can go and visits ancient castles and museums in Scotland or in Wales. If you like mountain climbing you one of the best places to do it is Scotland. There are even many people who come from different European country to do mountain climbing in Scotland.

3. Self-catering Holiday Accommodations

In addition, it’s been a time when hotels were the only accommodation for holidaymakers but now time has changed, as there are different accommodation solutions for your holidays. In fact you don’t need to stay in a hotel anymore for your holidays. In fact, if you spend your holidays in the UK then you can book a self-catering accommodation such as a holiday cottage to spend your holidays. In fact, holiday cottages have become extremely fashionable in the UK as holidaymakers feel more independent as they have their own place and they    can do whatever they like. 


Holiday Cottage Norfolk, Pumphouse Trunch, the Cottage from garden

4. Great Locations For Group and Family Holidays

In addition, if you’d like to enjoy the sun then you might want to go to the south in places such as Dartmouth. As Dartmouth is a place where you can enjoy both the city life and the countryside, which means that you’ll have a lot of activities to do ranging from shopping to having a picnic in the countryside or having more exciting activities such as having a boat ride on the Dart. So you’ll have different activities to do whether you’re with your family or friends. In addition, if you book a Dartmouth cottage, you can enjoy some lovely private terraces where you can have a barbecue, or you can go fishing in your private fishing spot.

5. Take Your Pet with You

In addition, if you have a dog and want to go and spend your holidays abroad you might need someone to keep it during your absence. But if you have kids they might find it hard to leave their four legged friend behind, but if you spend your holidays in a self-catering holidays you can bring your dog with you. Think about all those reasons and you’ll see that there’s no place like home.

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