How to Be Perfectly Relaxed By The Pool

One of the reasons that many of us go on holiday is so that we can relax around the pool and this is something that is not only very fun, but also very therapeutic and able to help us let our blood pressure drop and let us soak up some healing rays from the sun.


However there is an art to true relaxation, and it’s something that unfortunately not everyone has quite got down to a tee. Here we will look at how to be completely relaxed and how to get maximum rest and relaxation round the pool.

Bubble Time

Bubble time is a psychological tool I invented (though it likely exists by another name). Here you are aiming to as much as possible exist only in the now and completely forget your other troubles. To do this you make sure that you don’t think about work when you get back, nor the other stresses that you were contending with before you left. Instead you focus on just being relaxed and on being in the moment – and one way you can do this is to focus on physical sensations you can feel now – such as the sun on your eyelids and the sound of your breathing. Think only about that and remember – you have a week or more to completely unwind and chill where you have nothing to worry about.


You should also aim to take away anything that might ‘burst’ that bubble and bring you screeching back to reality. The biggest culprit? Your mobile phone. Bringing one is only smart in case of an emergency, but leave it in your room and only check it in the evenings before bed.


Bringing the correct entertainment is a good way to once again keep your mind off of your troubles and also to make relaxing more enjoyable. Books are of course very popular, but allow me to recommend a Kindle. The big benefit here is that you only need one hand to read the Kindle and that means that you can prop it up opposite you or hold it out with an extended arm over your head and not have to struggle to get comfortable while holding a book open. It makes a surprisingly big difference.

Comfort and Health


Now the other blight that stops a lot of people from really relaxing is the difficulty with getting comfortable. You’ll always be thirsty for instance, or itchy, or too sweaty. Again this is partly psychological however – remember that you don’t need to be perfectly  unhindered to relax and as soon as you stop trying to be you’ll be able to relax and unwind.

That said, drinking water is important so make sure you have a fresh drink by you wherever possible. Meanwhile you should protect yourself from the sun so invest in some sun cream before you go and likewise a good hat. You should also use a towel in order to create a handy layer between you and the sun bed which can otherwise get sweaty (and slimy with sun cream) and can itchy.

Mark Roberts is an active bloggers and writes travel blogs in association with Log Cabin Holidays.

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