Searching for Nessie: your preparation guide

Nessie has been the stuff of legends for as long as we can all remember – whether your maw told ye the tales when ye were a wain or ye been listening to the old ones at the pub. With lots of local attractions and guided tours for the weekends, there’s plenty afoot for the Nessie Seeker with added activities for the whole family. Only five miles away from Inverness, Loch Ness provides the ideal day trip or point of attraction for locals interested in the paranormal and stuff of legends.

Nessie: A touch of history

Nessie’s stories date back as far as the 7th Century, but they became an instant global phenomenon when The Loch Ness Monster was spotted by a London man in 1933 who took the stories home with him and started the Nessie Mania. Since then, formal investigations such as those conducted by the Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Board have identified that the Loch is the ideal environment for habitation by large sea-dwelling mammals with its startling depth of 230m (deeper than the North Sea) and its smooth sedimentary rock floor. In addition, the many inlets and eddies create a dynamic and ever-evolving environment that constantly introduce rich nutrients and sea life to provide a sustainable environment.

What to see at Loch Ness

There have 4,000 recorded sightings of Nessie since the 1930s, but they’re getting fewer and further between with around three being reported a year. Don’t despair: if you don’t spot Nessie on your sightseeing trip, there’s plenty of local attractions to make up for it such as Urquhart Castle (as legend has it, this ruined 13th century castle is Nessie’s ‘home base’), the Loch Ness Exhibition Centre which is filled with all of the stories and interesting facts a Nessie Seeker needs to know to be well-equipped, and the Original Loch Ness Monster Centre which is alive with archives and fascinating artefacts and sighting information. If you’re a real Nessie supporter, you might even want to move nearby and set up home in the Highlands!

Nessie-spotting Hot Spots

With fewer recorded sightings in the last few years, Nessie fans and supporters are doing extensive research into the Nessie Sightings to isolate the best areas for hopefuls to sight the legendary lass. They’ve identified a number of preferred hot spots, with the primary point being the ruined Urquhart Castle which boasts four extended turrets and some great viewing positions. In addition, visitors and locals often enjoy a variety of passenger cruises, including those such as cruises aboard the Nessie Hunter which has been specially equipped with sonar and underwater cameras. You can also prepare for your visit by watching the live web cams permanently trained on the loch and the floodlit castle.

The myth and mystery

Surrounded by myth and mystery – ca’ canny, your cellphone signal will drop out unexpectedly, and the rippling surface of the Loch will distract you in an instant. With more than 4,000 recorded sightings and experiences, and many in addition authenticated and verified, there’s no telling what your trip to Loch Ness will hold!

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