Five Reasons Why Boutique Hotels Are More and More Fashionable

1. The Client Is King

Clients are becoming more and more demanding as they want the best services at affordable price, and this is true in every industry and even more in the hotel industry. In fact, when looking for a hotel room clients have mainly three things in mind: comfort, cleanliness and price but unfortunately very often those three elements are not combined in mainstream hotels. One type of hotel that respects those three criteria is the boutique hotels as most of them provide their clients with luxury services at affordable price.

2. Themed Rooms

Boutique hotels mainly differentiate themselves from mainstream hotels as they personalise their rooms for their clients. In fact, if for instance you like the Renaissance period you can let them know about it and they will prepare a room with Renaissance furniture, paintings, books and all sort of things that are reminiscent of the Renaissance period. So in a way they make you travel time. Many people book a boutique hotel room just to come and relax during their weekends in a customer-made atmosphere.

3. Luxury at Affordable Price

Some people think that because boutique hotels are luxury hotels only rich people can afford them. In reality boutique hotels offer different services and the price will depend on the services you’ll require. Generally the price vary between £ 80 and £ 215 per night breakfast including, so anyone with a job can afford this kind of luxury. Most of the clients of boutique hotels are couples that are looking for a romantic escape to celebrate some special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s day and so on.

4. Ideal For Business Trips

Boutique hotels also attract business people as they are generally well-prepared to receive those special clients. In fact, most boutique hotels have conference rooms in which the clients can organise conferences. During those conferences they provide them with tea, coffee and biscuits to help them create a nice atmosphere for their guests. In addition, business people also like that particular accommodation as they provide their clients with high quality services and in some of them, it’s the manager himself who serves important clients to make sure that they are happy with the services.

5. Additional Services

Boutique hotels are also quite flexible as you can organise your special events in one of them. In fact, you can celebrate your birthday or even your wedding in a boutique hotel as most of them have wedding licence. They can help you prepare your wedding venue for instance if you’re planning to celebrate your wedding this summer and would like to have some exotism then you can celebrate it in a boutique hotel.

And if you live in the south of England a wedding venue Brighton would be perfect as will be able to choose a boutique hotel located near the seaside so that you can take some of your wedding pictures on the famous Brighton pebble beach.

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