Drinking Games for Holiday


Going on holiday you’ll be no doubt sure to have tonnes of fun, experience loads of new things and generally have the ability to focus on just fun for one time in your life without having to worry about work or keeping your house tidy.

As such holidays are home to some of the best nights out, and also evenings in ever. This way you can just enjoy hanging out with friends, enjoying drinks, and enjoying the warm evening air without the spectre of an early hung over morning the next day.

But the question that remains is, how to make the most of these great nights out? Here we will look at how you should get the most from your night out or evening around the pool by playing some great drinking games. These will get everyone having fun, ensure a healthy flow of booze and generally set the mood perfectly.

I Have Never: The game I have never is one of those great games that will help you all get to know each other – but it’s only suitable for groups of close friends who have no secrets. The idea here is that you say ‘I have never…’ and follow it up with a statement. For anyone to whom the statement does not apply, a finger of alcohol is downed. The strategy is of course to say things that you haven’t done, but that you know people in the group have – and if you can embarrass them in the process then that’s just an added bonus.

Alphabet Game: The alphabet game is a very simple game in which you choose a category and then each take it in turns to name something from that category beginning with the next letter in the alphabet. So you might start with actors and go around ‘Adam Sandler, Billy Bob Thornton, Charlie Sheen’ etc. If someone takes too long, they drink, and predictably this is a game that gets more and more difficult as the night carries on.

21: This has nothing to do with the 21 card game. Instead you take it in turns to count up to 21 – so that the first person says ‘1′, and the next person ‘2′ etc. That might be a difficult enough game at the end of the night, but of course it’s more complicated than that. If someone says two numbers for instance rather than one then the game changes direction, whereas if someone says three numbers it skips someone. Once you reach 21 someone has to drink, and each time someone does drink a new rule is introduced which could be that you have to say number ‘4′ in a foreign accent, or that you can’t say yes or no.

Thumbs: Thumbs is a fun little game that you can play while playing other games (it’s a rule to introduce above too if you like). Here if anyone puts their thumb on the table, everyone else has to copy. The last person to notice of course ends up drinking.

Nick Ball is a writer and blogger who loves travelling to beach islands and uses sites like www.whitebeachholidays.com to get you the perfect deal for your stay in Lanzarote.

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