How To Plan Your Journey Ahead


Commuting to your workplace, travelling from city to city or even country to country is so common these days. People understand the importance of being in a certain place at a certain time when it comes to their jobs, so more and more positions involve some commuting.

Although time consuming and tiring, travelling does not have to be a horrible experience. All you have to do is to plan it carefully.

Make Lists

It is always useful to write lists before travelling. Write down absolutely everything you need to take with you two days before leaving. Review the list before you pack and use it when arranging your luggage.

Luggage Limit

Even if you do not travel by plane, bear in mind that you would probably be carrying your luggage with you at most times. Therefore, just take the bare essentials with you. Travel size cosmetics, medicine you know you have to take – make sure everything is in there properly sealed. Just remember that airports have quite strict rules when it comes to liquids, so be sure to have containers that do not hold more than 100ml each. Put them in a zip-lock bag and make sure that the total of liquids you carry with you does not go over 1 litre. Just to be sure you won’t have any surprises at the airport, check the company’s policy when it comes to hand luggage.

Don’t Take Your Entire Wardrobe With You

It is always a bit difficult to judge what clothes you will actually be wearing and which ones will be forgotten at the back of your luggage. Will you have meetings often? Are you going to posh venues? You can never go wrong with plain office clothes that you can accessorize in order to make your outfit stand out.

When it comes to packing, be sure they do not take too much space in your luggage. Use vacuum bags to diminish bulking. This way, you will keep your clothes cleaner and away from minor incidents like a leaking shampoo container or a broken bronzer.


To avoid unpleasant events, always also carry cash with you, not only your credit cards. In case your bag gets stolen, keep some money in your pockets. Always have your phone charged. Keep a list of important numbers close to you – have one on your phone as well as a written piece of paper. DO not forget to include the numbers of police, ambulance and the person who has arranged the journey for you. Use maps. Have train/ bus timetables handy. Do not be ashamed to ask people for directions. If you suffer from a disease that requires medication, keep a note in your wallet just in case you faint and there is nobody you know around.

Although it can be stressing to plan a trip, you also have to rest the night before your departure. You need to have a clear mind and worrying will not let you have a proper sleep.

Have a safe trip!

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